04 January 2014

Zumba Home Training Workout Kit Di Groupon

4 Januari 2014.

Dah lama rasanya tak beli apa-apa barang di Groupon, kali terakhir bulan September 2012. Hoh!
Bila Yana (Sizuka) whatsapp pasal promosi Zumba Home Training Workout Kit ni, nak tergelak pun ada. Gamaknya muka Yani ni dah cop mohor dengan perkataan zumba kot, yer la....status di FB dan cerita-cerita kat blog ni pun banyak berkisar tentang aktiviti zumba jer kan?

Dua hari lepas Yana whatsapp tu, baru berkesempatan untuk masuk Groupon dan baca T&C promosi tu. Dan terus beli. So far, pengalaman beli barang di Groupon ok, tak macam pengalaman dengan StreetDeal dulu.

Exercising to workout videos lets one keep fit from home, saves on gym membership fees, and provides a plausible excuse to spend more time with the television. Today’s Groupon gets you off the couch with a Zumba home training workout kit from All Link Enterprise, with free delivery to Peninsular Malaysia. Choose from:
  • 1 set for RM89 instead of RM169
  • 2 sets for RM168 instead of RM338 (only RM84 per set)

Product specifications and features
  • Packaging dimensions: 31.5cm x 13.7cm x 7.6cm
  • Packaging weight: 1.4kg
  • Dumbbells' weight: 562g
  • Zumba workouts on 7 DVDs with Latin beats and rhythms
    - STEP BY STEP: basic guide and steps breakdown
    - ACTIVATE: 45-minute easy-to-follow beginner class
    - RIPPED: body sculpting featuring Zumba Toning and Zumba Sentao programmes
    - EXHILARATE: full-length fitness-party experience
    - RUSH: 20-minute fast-paced workout
    - MIX: rhythmic workout with music from around the world
    - FITNESS CONCERT: experience the party live
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals of all fitness levels
  • 1-month warranty for manufacturing defects
Package includes
  • 7x Zumba workout DVDs
  • 2x arm-toning dumbbells
  • 1x training guide with dietary tips and recommendations

Tips for home workouts
  • Dedicate a room or space for exercising and exercise equipment. Make sure this room is wide enough to accommodate your movement and has good ventilation.
  • Even though you are working out indoors, wear sports shoes and suitable attire to prevent injury.
  • You can incorporate daily household items into your workout routines like toning arms with water bottles or building muscles by opening and closing the refrigerator door.

Warranty by Groupon
  • 1-month warranty from date of receipt.
  • For warranty claims:
  • STEP 1: Fill in the contact form (http://contact.groupon.my/) under ‘Product/Deliveries’ and provide the following details:
    - Name
    - Contact number
    - Email address
    - Delivery address (comment section)
    - Groupon voucher code
    - Groupon security code
    - Attached Groupon
  • STEP 2: Upon processing, a mailing address and reference number will be provided.
  • STEP 3: Faulty products must be delivered in its original packaging (including accessories, manuals, and documentation) to Groupon Malaysia, Petaling Jaya. Delivery costs to be covered by customer.
  • Groupon Malaysia will cover delivery costs of replacement product to customer.
  • Printed Groupon will be required as proof of purchase.
  • Warranty claims which do not fulfil the steps above will not be processed due to missing information.

Bagus plak servis Groupon ni, tempah 29 Disember 2013, 3 Januari 2014 (1 minggu) dah sampai parcel. Terbaik!

Cuba pasang kat tv kat ruang tamu....huhu! Tengok...kemain lagi hubby duduk depan tv...Jom berzumba to the max tahun ini! Hoyeaah..


  1. Replies
    1. Huhu~ Thanks Yana....memang tak sabar nak start berzumba dengan kit baru ni....

    2. Lea dah tgk kan video zumba ni? Mesti best kan? Akak haritu go thru sikit2 je..belum sempat ank buka satu2 cd dan tgk...

  2. Baru ada 3 DVD (Activate, Cardio Party, Rush) yang lain belum beli lagi. Mahal kalau beli single DVD. Ni kira sangat-sangat murah dah! Saya beli 1 DVD je nak cecah 3 angka (=___=")

    1. Oh, ada yg jual jenis loose pack ye Lea? Akak ni pun nasib baik ade member yg rogerkan pasal promosi ni...thanks to her.

  3. Tengok je harga asal dia berapa kan. Huhu...

    Tapi memang seronok Cardio Party & Rush. Terbaik!

    1. Aiyo....dah Lea cakap mcm ni, memang malam ni kena start buka dvd ni la....aritu tgk2 mcm tu je...


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